Description of earthquake

By such analyses of seismograms the Earth's core was located in by Beno Gutenberg. What can a earthquake do? This continues until the stress has risen sufficiently to break through the asperity, suddenly allowing sliding over the locked portion of the fault, releasing the stored energy.

When these seismic waves reach the surface of the earth, they give rise to strong ground motion causing building and other man-made structures to shake or collapse or develop cracks and fissures.

Cracks may form on the crust. Reverse faults, particularly those along convergent plate boundaries are associated with the most powerful earthquakes, megathrust earthquakesincluding almost all of those of magnitude 8 or more.

Soil liquefaction may cause rigid structures, like buildings and bridges, to tilt or sink into the liquefied deposits. Landslide danger may persist while emergency personnel are attempting rescue. Story continues below advertisement We drift about in tablecloths like ghosts in a school play.


When Kashima lets his guard fall, Namazu thrashes about, causing violent earthquakes. Therefore, the longer the length and the wider the width of the faulted area, the larger the resulting magnitude.

Also the effects of strong ground motion make it very difficult to record information close to a nucleation zone. The earthquake has been reported to be spawned from a fault that reactivated due to the millions of tonnes of rock removed in the mining process.

Namazu lives in the mud beneath the earth, and is guarded by the god Kashima who restrains the fish with a stone. When these rocks roll downhill, they can destroy houses on their path or kill people.

An example of an earthquake swarm is the activity at Yellowstone National Park. Flood A flood is an overflow of any amount of water that reaches land. Although thousands of earthquakes occur each year, most are too weak to be detected except by seismographs, instruments that detect and record vibrations and movements in the Earth.


I have to remind myself to breathe. These swarms can be recorded by seismometers and tiltmeters a device that measures ground slope and used as sensors to predict imminent or upcoming eruptions.

Despite considerable research efforts by seismologistsscientifically reproducible predictions cannot yet be made to a specific day or month. The apparent 3D volumes of the bubbles are linearly proportional to their respective fatalities.

Strike-slip faults, particularly continental transformscan produce major earthquakes up to about magnitude 8. When an earthquake occurs in a place where there is much ground water, water is forced out of the ground in the form of an earthquake fountain.

Existing structures can be modified by seismic retrofitting to improve their resistance to earthquakes.Earthquake definition is - a shaking or trembling of the earth that is volcanic or tectonic in origin.

How to use earthquake in a sentence. a shaking or trembling of the earth that is volcanic or tectonic in origin; upheaval. My earthquake experience. Open this photo in gallery: Allyson Latta. Farther south, we soon learn, the magnitude earthquake has left many dead and others homeless, and tsunamis may be on.

The total amount of energy released by an earthquake is measured on the Richter scale.

Richter magnitude scale

On this scale, each increase by 1 corresponds to a tenfold increase in earthquake strength. Thus an earthquake measuring on the Richter scale is 10 times stronger than one measuring Earthquakes above 7 on the Richter scale are severe.

Eyewitnesses have described the scenes of devastation after a massive magnitude earthquake hit the Caribbean nation of Haiti. Description Español: Daño producido por un terremoto a casas de madera de buena calidad en Valdivia, Chile, English: Earthquake damage to good quality, wood-frame houses in Valdivia, Chile, Earthquakes are caused mostly by rupture of geological faults, but also by other events such as volcanic activity, landslides, mine blasts, and nuclear tests.

An earthquake's point of initial rupture is called its focus or hypocenter. The epicenter is the point at ground level directly above the hypocenter.

Description of earthquake
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