Eco friendly diwali celebration essay help

I would request all of you to take best care of yourselves and take care of your health as well and also take care of social interests. Oct 16, Imagine having an option to use the different coloured pulses, fresh flowers and bright yellow turmeric and red kumkum!

The best part is you save yourself the trouble of doing away with all the unwanted plastic at home when its cleaning time! Besides creating unwanted noise and air pollution they encourage child labour. The workshop was well supported by an informative slide share and also acquainted the students about the relevant details and benefits of attending such programmes that go a long way when it comes to transforming our young learners into global citizens.

The sessions equipped the teachers about the changes incorporated in the board question paper pattern and current topics incorporated in the curriculum. This was followed by the Chairman's Address by Mr.

Students learnt about the resources available at the Asiatic Library. Like you can use air-drying clay to make flowers and string them together or bottle caps, paint them and string them together etc.

Staff and Support Staff. The Speaker, while explaining the meaning of Information Literacy to the students, emphasized the effect of cyber bullying on emotional, and social well being of a person.

Step II children enjoyed performing an activity of tearing and pasting in pineapple on Yellow Colour Day and also participated in Lemon Race. The trip concluded with a note that there is no dearth of knowledge and experience for an inquisitive learner.

Quite a change is being felt in the weather. In order to inculcate the virtue of hard work and extraordinary confidence among the students, Ms. The plastic packaging will most probably end up in a landfill or get burned somewhere midway and will result in toxins being released into the air.

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali

The school principal administered the oath of office and the members of the council pledged to adhere to the values and principles upheld by School.

Bring in the light Diwali is synonymous with lights. Students learnt to identify various trees and plants by observation and learnt the scientific and common names of all the trees and plants observed.


This made the whole world realize and understand the importance of peace. Choose gifts that are made from natural materials like a jute or cloth bag, cloth purse, a cotton kurta, or a saree.

The most beautiful hands are of those who help others. The importance of appreciating and loving nature was the message brought out. Sunita George presented the Annual Report Fernandes gently inspired the students to think and dream big and to take pleasure from the simple things that life affords us.

Have a clean green and pollution free Diwali celebration! Reach out to any orphanage or non-governmental organisation NGO to donate those things.

You can avoid this by either making simple sweets at home and distributing them or carrying available packaging and plastic packets from home. After the plantation students promised that they will take care of the plants and pledged to plant more and more trees.

Shop for your festive needs at your nearby local shop rather than the online store Image source: Organize a community cracker show which will help in minimising individual costs, curb accidents and lessen pollution caused.

Students learnt about acrylic painting on canvas and how to make flowers using stocking material. They concluded their presentation with a dance.

Go to Bhubaneshwar and cheer up the Indian team and also encourage each team there. The meeting began with a prayer by the Secretary of the PTA. Through this workshop the students of Std. The last day was an open day where the students put up a presentation for their parents.

This interaction further stimulated them to do more for the needy in society as well as encourage their peers to do so.

The students were captivated through the reading and she encouraged the students to think and to question by the post reading discussions.

Cupcakes Take The Cake

MakaaniQ brings you some unique ways to celebrate the festival of lights in an eco-friendly way. As the celebrations ensue, we are coerced into shopping, spending and wasting more during this festive occasion.

The importance of being safe was highlighted through a presentation on bus rules that must be followed by the students. Also, keep in mind to use jute bags or paper wraps instead of those shining wrapping papers.

Ramila Jaiswal Members of the Support Staff were honored with a beautiful silver plaque each for having completed twenty years of service in Bombay Scottish School Powai.The Indian Heights School Activities and Curriculam.

Sally Ride Earthkam 64th mission. Sally Ride Earthkam is a NASA program that invites students and teachers from around the world to explore the earth from the perspective of the International Space Station (ISS). - Inter-House Power Point Presentation The Inter-House Powerpoint Presentation Competition was held on Tuesday, 30th October The topic for the presentation was 'Revolutionary Inventions in the fields of Communication, Technology, Energy and Transport'.

Check out our My Eco-friendly Diwali section for more such helpful articles. My Eco-friendly Diwali: Spread the light with these tips for a greener Diwali MindSpace: 5 movies that can help you understand Dementia better. Listed below are some ways to celebrate eco-friendly diwali.

How To Celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali Community Celebration. Encourage community celebration instead of individual celebration.

The cost of celebration will be reduced and the paper pollution caused by firing crackers will also be limited as compared to individual celebration. > 11 Tips to Celebrate A Noiseless, Pollution-Free & and Eco-Friendly Diwali This Year 11 Tips to Celebrate A Noiseless, Pollution-Free.

Eco-friendly Diwali

10 Ways To Celebrate A Safe and Eco Friendly Diwali by G-Beez posted in All About Shopping Diwali is a festival of celebration, love and extravagance and the thought of celebrating Diwali without crackers is one that is hard to imagine.

Eco friendly diwali celebration essay help
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