Semiconductor device fundamentals

Edited by Kent D. The best reference on lasers; the most up to date and comprehensive on in-plane lasers; more limited on VCSELs. Electrostatic charge can be created triboelectrically on conductors the same way it is created on insulators. Semiconductor device fundamentals one walks across a floor, an electrostatic charge accumulates on the body.

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Choquette, and Chun Lei. This process is what creates the patterns on the circuity in the integrated circuit. Typically, damage results from handling the devices in uncontrolled surroundings or when poor ESD control practices are used.

To create an ideal semiconducting material, chemical purity is paramount. Van Laar, and T. If, however, the item is conductive or dissipative and is connected to ground while polarized, the charge will flow from or to ground due to the charge imbalance.

Damage to an ESDS by the ESD event is determined by the device's ability to dissipate the energy of the discharge or withstand the voltage levels involved—as explained previously these factors determine the parts ESD sensitivity or susceptibility. Charge transfers from static dissipative materials are significantly faster than from insulators, and slower than from conductive material.

The leftmost part of the curve corresponds to accumulation. Such failures usually can be detected when the device is tested before shipment. Older but still relevant.

Semiconductors - Basic Data. Optical Recombination Processes Varshni, Y. The occupancy of the energy bands in a semiconductor is set by the position of the Fermi level relative to the semiconductor energy-band edges.

This is the process that gives the semiconducting material its desired semiconducting properties. Volume 17, Subvolume B: For gate voltages below the threshold value, the channel is lightly populated, and only a very small subthreshold leakage current can flow between the source and the drain.

They are generally used in thin film structures, which do not require material of higher electronic quality, being relatively insensitive to impurities and radiation damage.

Some wider- band gap semiconductor materials are sometimes referred to as semi-insulators.

Semiconductor Device Fundamentals

Increasing the voltage on the gate leads to a higher electron density in the inversion layer and therefore increases the current flow between the source and drain. Remember that as said above, if the Fermi level lies above the Intrinsic level, the semiconductor is of n-type, therefore at Inversion, when the Intrinsic level reaches and crosses the Fermi level which lies closer to the valence bandthe semiconductor type changes at the surface as dictated by the relative positions of the Fermi and Intrinsic energy levels.

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Van Laar, and T. If a positive voltage is applied at the gate, holes which are at the surface of the p-type substrate will be repelled by the electric field generated by the voltage applied. SPIE holds annual conferences reviewing many topics in the general area of optoelectronics and publishes the proceedings.

This conducting channel extends between the source and the drain, and current is conducted through it when a voltage is applied between the two electrodes.


Prentice-Hall,chapter 2 and section 2. Electrostatic charge can be created triboelectrically on conductors the same way it is created on insulators.

EOS/ESD Association, Inc.

These regions can be either p or n type, but they must both be of the same type, and of opposite type to the body region.Access Semiconductor Device Fundamentals 1st Edition solutions now. Our solutions are written by Chegg experts so you can be assured of the highest quality! Semiconductor Device Fundamentals serves as an excellent introduction to this fascinating field.


Based in part on the Modular Series on Solid State Devices, this textbook explains the basic terminology, models, properties, and concepts associated with semiconductors and semiconductor devices.

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Semiconductor device fundamentals
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